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Services We Provide

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Our thoroughly competent investigators are well placed to investigate all motor vehicle accidents in terms of establishing the cause of the accident, and also providing comprehensive reports.

These reports will include our specialist opinion, statements, photo plan, scale plan and police documentation.

Where necessary, we make use of a reconstruction specialist.

Personal Liability

MVO Consultants does merits investigation in cases where individuals incur legal liability to pay compensation for bodily harm or damage to property.

Cases that are investigated on a regular basis include bodily harm caused to a neighbour's child, or a stranger by an insured's dog; or damage caused to a neighbour's property by a burst water pipe.

MVO Consultants will investigate all these cases strictly according to the letter of the policy, and common law principles. In each and every case the quantum of claims will also be investigated, and where necessary alternative quotations will be obtained.

With regards to injury claims, comprehensive opinions will be provided that are backed by relevant case law. Legal costs can thus be reduced as matters can be settled before attorneys and advocates have to be appointed.

Public Liability

The owners of building and venues are becoming increasingly vulnerable to claims for injury to visitors or occupants, damage to property, and financial loss.

A more claims-conscious society is only one of the reasons for this rapidly developing potential liability in terms of shopping malls, restaurants, construction sites etc.

By making use of first-rate teamwork, unmatched expertise, and other specialist resources, we ensure that this complex claims environment is adequately addressed.

Defective Workmanship

MVO Consultants has all the necessary capacity, expertise, experience and knowledge on board to investigate any defective workmanship claims.

Costs are limited to establish an Insurer's liability by investigating these matters swiftly.

Product Liability

Due to the nature of their products, suppliers in the food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, petroleum and automobile industry run the risk of facing an ever-increasing claims-conscious society.

By swiftly assessing the potential liability of insurers, and determining the quantum, we ensure that these matter are dealt with in a speedy and professional manner.

Business Interruption

MVO Consultants provides a comprehensive service in this regard. By employing the services of financial and accounting experts, they provide a detailed opinion on a client's financial history and loss of income. This will include an interpretation of a client's financial statements, and advice on the limiting of further losses.

Theft & Fraud

A highly respected and experienced specialist investigator, backed by our network of information and contacts, investigates the theft of motor vehicles, fraud and burglaries.


MVO Consultants are available 24 hours to investigate all fire incidents. They will ensure that the extent and causes are immediately established, and that the quantum is limited.


MVO Consultants has a tracing team available to do tracings of individuals, companies, et cetera, on a "no trace no fee" basis.

By making use of various systems, including ITC, we can provide a comprehensive report on the financial status of an individual. This will include judgements, property, and all other assets.

Unnecessary litigation can therefore be limited.


MVO Consultants employs an expert on personal injury claims, and comprehensive opinions can be provided, backed by relevant Case Law.

Other Services

Besides the above, a range of additional, related services are also provided, including:
  • Transporting clients.
  • Interpretation services.
  • Obtaining accident reports, dockets etc.
  • Obtaining medical records and reports.
  • Collect & deliver files.